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Bay Quality Construction INC. envisions providing a high-quality, state-of-the-art sustainable living experience across the San Francisco Bay Area, helping homeowners build their dream home. We have got our valued clients covered from planning, designing, to construction and remodeling of homes. We also provide customized solutions for homeowners to catering to their needs and requirements.

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Experience hassle-free home improvement with Bay-Quality Construction INC.

Do you want to expand your existing living space, or are you planning to remodel your bathroom and kitchen to make them more presentable?

If yes, it is time to extend your existing space with the right design for your needs. With a practice-oriented approach at Bay Quality Construction INC, we understand our customer’s specific requirements and offer innovative yet sustainable remodeling services in San Ramon, CA.

Our in-house team has completed over 300 projects ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodels to home extensions and exterior property upgrades. We have consistently won the support and trust of our customers by providing bespoke living solutions for them.

Being a leading home remodelling & builder in San Ramon, we are a one-stop solution from engineering to architectural design. We work with our clients and analyze what they want to add; our specialists do the rest perfectly.

Bay Quality Construction INC. is committed to providing our customers with the quality and sustainable lifestyle they deserve. We are currently operating throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From planning and design of housing to construction, renovation, and whole house remodel in San Ramon; we have received favoritism from many customers.

As a professional and leading home improvement and construction company in San Ramon, we have earned the trust of an ever-growing and loyal customer base. We strive to expand our operations in the United States to meet the needs of more customers.


We are committed to providing best-in-class interior and exterior home remodelling services to customers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

We are a group of licenced, dedicated, professional project managers, designers and developers who use cutting-edge technology and innovative tools to build the perfect home you deserve at a competitive price.

We are the local home remodelling experts & Builders in San Ramon you have been looking for. With expertise in the construction industry, we provide high-quality, sustainable, affordable housing solutions for customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We have built relationships with our customers because of our passion and commitment to homeowners, individuals, and businesses. Our core management team comprises industry veterans who guide and train employees who value growth, innovation and progress. Each team member strives to earn and maintain the trust we love.

At Bay Quality Construction INC., We strive to provide exceptional customer service and experience. Our objective is to build and maintain good and long-term relationships with our valued customers and help them to benefit in the future.

How we help you?

Are you ready for renovation or remodeling your house?

Home renovation has been redefined. This includes all aspects of the planning, design, and renovation to completion. Our designated project manager ensures the process remains smooth and error-free. From construction to remodeling, we are by your side as a trusted advisor.

One of the most common questions homeowners and potential homebuyers have is how much it will cost to renovate their home. It all depends on the design, material used and level of customization.

From planning to construction, renovation, and delivery, we will help you consistently be satisfied and work around your budget. As a valued customer, we strive to streamline the process while giving you the perfect home experience you deserve. We help you renovate your entire home at an affordable price.

Whether you are looking for affordable kitchen renovation services in Contra Costa County or planning the whole house remodeling in San Ramon, Contact us for a fantastic home makeover.

Trust Bay Quality Constructions INC. Whether renovating an existing home or building a new home, we are an insured home improvement and construction company in San Ramon dedicated to providing sustainable housing solutions based on customer needs.

Bathroom Remodeling

We understand how important it is to have a clean bathroom. Are you looking to remodel it? We are here to help.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Want to have a refurbished kitchen? Give a face-lift to your kitchen with our high-quality, trusted, and sustainable remodeling services.

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Whether you want to expand your living space, we have your back.

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