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Do you know exactly the difference between renovation and remodeling? Home builders and architects often use these words when discussing home improvement services.

Do you need home renovation or remodeling? Did your home contractor ask you the same question? Whether renovation or remodeling, the ultimate objective of both services is overall home improvement. However, some differences can influence your home improvement decision:

  • What does a home renovation do for your home improvement?

Once, a contractor in Bay Area mentioned home renovation; they were talking about restoring a building or structure by upgrading some components without changing its intended purpose. The house’s original design did not change during the home renovation process.

In short, home renovation in the bay area improve your home without amending the basic structure of your home. However, they work on a new floor, replacing old windows, changing the wall colors, and installing new furniture to give your home a modern and luxurious look.

  • How a home remodeling improves your overall home appearance

Does your interior and exterior home remodeling contractor mention the home remodeling? Home remodeling is the process of changing the originality of the entire structure of a building. Whether interior or exterior, opting for home remodeling, you agree to modify the existing structure of your home, and area design may be discarded entirely or combined with other design areas.

  • Renovation Vs. Remodeling: which is most suitable for your home improvement

Whether you go with interior and exterior home remodeling or you should opt for home renovation in Bay Area can be a more challenging and confusing question. If you want to increase the value of your property in time for sale, a quick renovation may be your best bet; however, if you plan to live in it long term, the best option is to remodel the entire building.

Some homeowners do not allow structural modification but want to restore it as strong as the original structure; in that case, renovation is the best option to choose. However, if you feel your home needs extra strength and upgradation for an all-new look and feel, you should go with home remodeling services. No matter the project, interior, and exterior home remodeling will always cost more than home renovation in the Bay Area.

Bottom Line

Remember to analyze factors such as building conditions, age, lifestyle, budget, current labor, and material cost before deciding which project is right for you. Consider the above points and choose wisely the home improvement project which can fulfill your overall requirement and expectations.

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